Riwade company Limited has launch a modernize program of greenhouse and drip irrigation loans to the farmers, youth, graduates, civil servant and other groups who are seeking to start or expand a greenhouse or drip irrigation farm project.

Things to consider before applying for greenhouse or drip irrigation systems loans

1. Lender must acquire greenhouse and drip irrigation training from Riwade Company Limited
2. Lease agreement or occupancy of land where the project will be conducted for at least five years
3. Availability of water for irrigation (an owned well or close to him that you can buy from)
4. Good soil condition for horticulture crops or other intended crops
5. Good infrastructure for transporting harvested crops

Cleary mention kind of greenhouse or drip irrigation you want

1. Treated hardwood greenhouse
2. Metal galvanized greenhouse
3. Number of drip lines on ridges for drip irrigation project
4. Size of greenhouse
5. Size of farm for drip irrigation
6. Area where the project will be conducted

Service to be offered

1. Greenhouse size: (8m by 15m), (8m by 30m) and (16m by 30m) depends on the customer initial deposit and repayment capacity.
2. Drip irrigation farm size: Half acre, one acre up to 10 acre
3. Seeds of intended crops
4. Soil test
5. Provision of quality crops inputs
6. Water stand for tank
7. Water tank
8. Agronomist support for whole period of project
9. Engineering support for greenhouse or drip irrigation infrastructure
10. Business plan for project intended
11. Reliable markets for horticulture produce
12. Grace period offered
13. Flexible repayment term: up to 2 years.


1. Reducing the production costs that used in irrigation, pesticides and fertilizers and turning them into benefits to farms.
2. High crop yields
3. High and consistent income
4. Access to modern agriculture methods and techniques
5. Independence from relying on rain fed
6. Ensuring of access to high quality of cultivated crops that lead to an increase demand.
7. Achieving the highest possible returns that enable farmers to pay off
installments and expand their activities.
8. Reliable markets for horticulture produce

Qualifying Criteria

1. Must be a Tanzanian
2. Nation ID (NIDA)
3. Ability to pay 70% of the intended project
4. Supplementary security required.